The Park Systems of Chicago How They Can Be Consolidated (for Civic Federation)
Seventh Annual Report of the Board of Visitors of the Kentucky Institution for the Blind and Catalogue of the Officers and Pupils For the Year 1848
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Declaration Faite Par Une Partie de la Noblesse de Guienne 1789
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In the Supreme Court of Ohio The Cincinnati Gas Light and Coke Company Plaintiff in Error vs the Village of Avondale Defendant in Error Error to the District Court of Hamilton County Brief on Motion for Leave to File Petition in Error
Handbook for Use in the Inspection of Whole-Milk American Cheese Under the Food Products Inspection Law
The Impact of New Grain Varieties in Asia
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Cases on the Law of Water Rights
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High-Temperature Drying of Lumber A Review
The Cotton Situation 1937
Inedible Offal as a Hog Feed Processing and Feeding by Small Slaughterers
A Technique for Extrapolating the 1 Kc Values of Secondary Capacitance Standards to Higher Frequencies
Sensitivity of Estimated Financial Returns on Timber Investments to Data Errors
Crop Insurance Risks Losses and Principles of Protection
Minutes of the Yancey County Sunday School Convention Held with Pleasant Grove Baptist Sunday School on August 9 10 11 1912
Uses of Marketing Information by Farmers in Michigan
Fats and Oils Situation
Building and Fencing Materials 1978 Prices Margins and Marketing Practices
Bioassay of the Toxicity of Insecticide Residues to the Codling Moth in Apple Orchards
Premium Receipt Book
Annual Reports of the Town Officers of Sharon N H for the Year Ending January 31 1943 Also Reports of the School District Officers for the Year Ending June 30 1942
Increasing Storage Capacity in Older Cotton Warehouses
A Proposed Plan for Consolidating the High Schools of Doniphan County
The Effect of Added Fatty and Other Oils Upon the Carbonization of Mineral Lubricating Oils
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Minutes of the Sixth Annual Session of the Long Branch Primitive Baptist Association Held with Long Beach Church Edgecombe County North Carolina
Illustrated Lecture on Public-Road Improvement
Coordinated Evaluation System (Ces) Project Model Documentation for Building Regulation
North Carolina Agricultural Statistics September 1954
Assessing Urban Forest Effects and Values
Effectiveness of a Special Promotional Campaign for Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice
Estimating Merchantable Volumes of Second Growth Douglas-Fir Stands from Total Cubic Volume and Associated Stand Characteristics
Pecan Soils of the Gulf and Southeastern States and Maintenance of Their Fertility
Method for the Preparation of Spore-Dust Mixtures of Type a Milky Disease of Japanese Beetle Larvae for Field Inoculation
Improved Layout for a Fowl Processing Plant
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Protecting Against Dutch ELM Disease
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Deutschen Saculardichtungen an Der Wende Des 18 Und 19 Jahrhunderts Die
Catalogue of the Officers and Students of St Vincents College Los Angeles Cal For the Scholastic Year 1889-90
Physiological Responses in Air Traffic Control Personnel OHare Tower
Water Supply Outlook for Nevada and Federal-State-Private Cooperative Snow Surveys May 1978
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News April 1997
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Dr Warrens Chancery Suit
Extirpation of the Functionally Active Ovaries for the Remedy of Otherwise Incurable Diseases
A Case of Molluscum Simplex With Illustrations
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On the Comparative Value of Caustics and Astringents in the Treatment of Diseases of the Conjunctiva and on the Best Mode of Applying These Remedies
Name Der Goten Bei Griechen Und Roemern Der
Brunkers Carminative Balsam
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Egg Prices and the Factors That Influence Them
On the Influence of Section of the Cervical Pneumogastrics Upon the Action of Emetics and Cathartics
A Defence of the Six Months Lecture Term Report of a Special Committee of the American Medical Association Appointed (May 1849) to Prepare a Statement of the Facts and Arguments Which May Be Adduced in Favour of the Prolongation of the Courses of Me
Guide to the Principal Pictures in the Academy of Fine Arts at Venice Arranged for English Travellers
Baugewerbe Und Bodenfrage
On Periodical Melancholia A Paper Read Before the New York Medical Library and Journal Association October 30th 1874
On a New Meteorological Instrument
Bombproof Vol 1 A Weekly Paper Devoted to the Interests of U S Army General Hospital No 18 November 16 1918
New Views on Provisional Callus
A Synopsis on the Course of Lectures Together with a Brief Outline of Their General Principles
Directions for Preserving the Health of Soldiers Addressed to the Officers of the Army of the United States
Gleanings from Various Authors on Sanitary Matters
An Inquiry Into the Pathological Anatomy of Acute Pneumonia
On the Relative Value of Human Life in Different Parts of Canada
Descriptive Catalogue of Anatomical and Surgical Preparations in Wax Papier Mache and Leather With a Valuable and Rare Cabinet of Original Specimens of Bones Illustrating an Interesting Series of Diseases Casualties and Malformations Also a Collec
Catalogue of an Exhibition of Modern Prints With an Introduction and Notes Compiled by David Keppel February 3rd March 4th 1922
Second Edition of an Advertisement With a Candid Exposition of Facts
Majority and Minority Reports of the Select Committee of the Board of Ten Governors to Whom Was Referred the Subject of Introducing Homeopathy Into Bellevue Hospital Submitted January 19th 1858
An Introductory Lecture on the Subject of Early Marriage C October 31 1854
An Address to the Guardians of the Washington Asylum
The Establishment of a Great Imperial Intelligence Union as a Means of Promoting the Consolidation of the Empire An Address Delivered by Sir Sandford Fleming Before the Eighty Club on July 20 1906
A Disquisition on the Evils of Using Tobacco and the Necessity of Immediate and Entire Reformation Delivered Before the Fall River Lyceum on the Evening of June 4th 1833 and Before the Congregation to Whom the Author Statedly Ministers on the Evening
The Connexion of Temperance with Republican Freedom An Oration Delivered on the 4th of July 1835 Before the Mechanics and Workingmens Temperance Society of the City and County of Philadelphia
A Clergymans Idea of a Model Physician An Address Delivered at the Commencement of the Albany Medical College June 8 1858
Thoughts on the Subject of a Health-Establishment for the City of Philadelphia
Annual Oration Delivered Before the Philadelphia Medical Society by Appointment At the Opening of Its Session of 1844-5
The Beloved Physician A Sermon Occasioned by the Death of Joseph Warren Fearing M D Preached in the Beneficent Congregational Church Providence December 7th 1862
A Letter from Dr John Bard President of the Medical Society of the State of New York to the Author of Thoughts on the Dispensary
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Communication of the President of the N C Railroad Company to the General Assembly
Geology and Preliminary Ore Dressing Studies of the Carolina Barite Belt
Silvical Characteristics of Pond Pine
Guidelines for Evaluating and Documenting Historic AIDS to Navigation
Annual Report of the Town of New Durham for the Year Ending February 15 1905
Humphreys Daily Balance Interest Tables Calculated on a Basis of 365 Days to the Year Arranged on a New Plan Showing at a Glance the Interest for One Day on Any Amount at 1 5 2 3 6 8 and 10%
Muster Rolls of the Pennsylvania Volunteers in the War of 1812-1814 Vol 1 With Contemporary Papers and Documents
Reports of Cases Argued and Adjudged in the Court of Appeals of Maryland and in the High Court of Chancery of Maryland Vol 27 First Harris and McHenrys Reports to First Maryland Reports Containing the Second Volume of Gills Reports
Sundry Geological Problems
Seventy-First Annual Commencement Monday June 17 1929
Lincoln the Capital City and Lancaster County Nebraska Vol 2
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Wood Energy in Georgia October 1980
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Comparison of Corn Oils Obtained by Expeller and Benzol Extraction Methods
The Deterioration and Assay of Spirit of Nitrous Ether
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Plot Tests with Chemical Soil Sterilants in California
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Genetic Basis for Varietal Improvement of Pima Cottons
Analysis of Open Commitments in Wheat and Corn Futures on the Chicago Board of Trade September 29 1934
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Advanced Courses in Dentistry Announcement 1919-1920
Black Pox and Other Apple-Bark Diseases Commonly Known as Measles
An Introduction to Codinvolve A System for Analyzing Storing and Retrieving Public Input to Resource Decisions
Rates of Rounding of Quartz Granules and Nature of Sedimentary Maturity San Pedro Valley Cochise County Arizona
Food Survey Vol 1 June 8 1918
Library Newsletter Vol 2 March 1944
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Consumption of Commercial Fertilizers and Primary Plant Nutrients in the United States Year Ended June 30 1957
Tree Grades and Economic Maturity for Some Appalachian Hardwoods
Engineers in the Soil Conversation Service
The Gladiolus Book 1927
Circular of the Bureau of Standards No 5 Testing of Clinical Thermometers July 16 1917
Iris Descriptive List for 1927
Proceedings of the Nineteenth Annual Setting of the Hyde County Eastern Missionary Baptist Association Helt with Bryants Chapel Church Swan Quarter N C October 23 24 25 and 26 1930
On Retroperitoneal and Perirenal Lipomata
Rules and Regulations of the City Hospital With the Act of the Legislature Ordinances of the City Council and Rules and Orders of the Board of Trustees
Wholesale Price List Fur Nurserymen and Dealers Fall 1927
The Standardization of Bomb Calorimeters
Willow Dahlia Gardens 1927
1927 Price List of Collected Native Trees Shrubs and Plants
The Value of the Leiter Incandescent-Lamp Urethroscope in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Urethral Discharges
The Farmers Evening Entertainment Containing Characters Rules and Directions for Vocal Music A Number of New Tunes of as Various Airs and Metres as the Compass of the Book Will Admit New Hymns Taken from Sacred Writ and Adapted to the Tunes Calcu
Two Days at Gheel
Iris 1925
Speech of Robert Emmet in the Court-House Dublin After Sentence of Death Being Passed on Him September 19 1808
North Carolina Municipal Population 1999
Wartime Land Market Survey in the North Central Region First Quarter 1943
Exporting Leatherleaf Fern to Europe in Van Containers
Das Staatsarchiv 1895 Vol 56 Sammlung Der Officiellen Actenstucke Zur Geschichte Der Gegenwart
Evaluation of Several Formulations of Malathion as a Protectant of Grain Sorghum Against Insects in Small Bins
Tests of Wood Preservatives
Relation of Rhizobia to Alfalfa Sickness in Eastern Washington
Contrasts in Marketing in Major Wheat Exporting Nations August 1971
Supplements 1-4 to Service and Regulatory Announcement No Ams-93 Regulation Governing the Inspection and Certification of Fresh Fruits Vegetables and Other Products June 1957
Hotel McAlpin New York City Broadway 33rd and 34th Sts
Comparison of the Soil Moisture Regimen in Lysimeters with That on Adjacent Watersheds
Effect of Wetting Mode on Shear Strength of Two Aggregated Soils
State Normal School Westfield Massachusetts Catalogue and Circular 1878-79
The 1938 Wheat Leaf-Rust Epiphytotic in Oklahoma
The Southeastern Vegetable Processing Industry Location and Number of Plants Composition Volume and Value of Pack 1960
Livestock and Meat Outlook and Situation February 1981
Alaska Its Resources Present Condition and Needed Legislation Being a Synopsis of an Address Delivered by Hon James Wickersham U S District Judge of Alaska Before the Respective Chambers of Commerce of Seattle on November 5 1902 and Tacoma Nov
Dry-Land Grains for Western North and South Dakota
The Thermal Expansion of Refractories to 1 800 Degrees C
U S Exports of Beef Breeding Cattle in Calendar 1974
Crossbred Types of Beef Cattle for the Gulf Coast Region
Progress Report on Dimensional Changes in Amalgam January 20 1971
Continuous Plant Cover the Key to Soil and Water Conservation
Boise Federal Reclamation Project
Nursery Fertilization of Douglas-Fir Seedlings with Different Forms of Nitrogen
Annual Report Fiscal Year 1989
Pink Bollworm Infestations and Relationships to Cotton Yield in Arizona
Service and Regulatory Announcements 1942 Vol 137 Rules and Regulations of the Secretary of Agriculture and Instructions of the Chief of Agricultural Marketing Service Governing Sampling Grading Grade Labeling and Supervision of Packaging of Butter
Methods of Soil Analysis for Soil-Fertility Investigations
Perus Fishmeal Industry
The Wool Situation Vol 28 April 10 1939
Addresses at the Centennial Exercises of the Bowdoin Medical School June 23 1920
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Economic Potential for Converting Woodland and Pasture to Cropland Lower Mississippi Valley and Southeast
Woburn Records of Births Deaths and Marriages from 1640 to 1873 Vol 1 Births Alphabetically and Chronologically Arranged
World Cocoa Bean Crop Below Earlier Expectations
Quantity and Character of Creosote in Well-Preserved Timbers
Minutes of the One Hundred Fifty-Second Annual Session of the Original Bear Creek Primitive Baptist Association Held with Pleasant Grove Church Marshville North Carolina September 14 15 16 1984
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Fast and Oils Situation May 1977
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Remarks on the Harvard Triennial
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The Annual Address to the Candidates for Degrees and Licenses in the Medical Institution of Yale College January 21 1840
Annual Address Delivered Before the New-York State Medical Society and Members of the Legislature at the Capitol February 6 1850
Du Ponts Artesian Well Louisville Kentucky Report Analysis and Medical Properties of Its Water With Remarks Upon the Nature of Artesian Wells
Brooklyn Loan Exhibit With the Co-Operation of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences Brooklyn Art Association Rembrandt Club Little Italy Settlement Catalogue of Paintings at the Art Galleries 174 Montague Street May 11th to 31st Afternoon
To the Honble the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States the Memorial of James Smith Agent of Vaccination
Making One Measurement Do the Work of Two
Small Angle Neutron Scattering at the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Catalogue of an Exhibition of Etchings by Zorn With an Introduction by Fitzroy Carrington
An Introductory Lecture on the Objects and Nature of Medical Science Delivered in the Hall of the Medical Department of Transylvania University on the 3D Day of November 1841
Dr John Gorries Apparatus for the Artificial Production of Ice in Tropical Climates Patented 1851
Inaugural Address Delivered in the Chapel of the University at Cambridge December 11 1816
A Dissertation on the General Principles of Anatomy and Comparative Physiology as Applied to the Science of Medicine
Announcement of Brigham Hall a Hospital for the Insane Canandaigua N Y January 1860
The Sphygmometer An Instrument Which Exhibits to the Eye the Entire Action of the Arteries The Usefulness of This Instrument in the Study of All Diseases Researches on the Diseases of the Heart and on the Means of Discriminating Them
An Address Delivered on the First Public Exhibition of the Edifice of the New-York Medical College and the Inauguration of Its Faculty October 16 1850
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Importance of the Study of Legal Medicine A Lecture Introductory to the Course on Medical Jurisprudence at the New York Medical College
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Supplement to Commerce Reports 1920 Daily Consular and Trade Reports
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Searches Into the History of the Gillman or Gilman Family Including the Various Branches in England Ireland America and Belgium
Reimpression de LAncien Moniteur Vol 6 Seule Histoire Authentique Et Inalteree de la Revolution Francaise Depuis La Reunion Des Etats-Generaux Jusquau Consulat (Mai 1789-Novembre 1799) Avec Notes Explicatives Assemblee Constituante
Nouveau Recueil General de Traites Et Autres Actes Relatifs Aux Rapports de Droit International 1885-86 Vol 10 Continuation Du Grand Recueil de G Fr de Martens
Electricite Industrielle Cours de LEcole Centrale Des Arts Et Manufactures
Christian Oesers Geschichte Der Deutschen Poesie in Umrissen Und Schilderungen Vol 1 Nebst Charakteristischen Proben Fur Gebildete Leser
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Annual Report of the Board of Education and the Superintendent of Public Instruction of New Jersey with Accompanying Documents Vol 1 For the School Year Ending August 31st 1892
Ortus Sanitatis
Heilige Schrift in Berichtigter Uebersetzung Mit Kurzen Anmerkungen Vol 2 Die Altes Testament Poetisch-Prophetische Bucher Und Apokryphe
Total Dietary Regulation in the Treatment of Diabetes
Histoire de la Science Politique Dans Ses Rapports Avec La Morale Vol 1
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The Smithsonian Institution Debate in the Senate of the United States January 18 1855 on the Letter of Hon Rufus Choate Concerning the Management of the Smithsonian Institution
The White Clays of Pennsylvania
Bremen-Verdener Kolonisten in Den Russischen Ostseeprovinzen
Addresses Delivered at the Inauguration of REV J W Nevin D D as Professor of Theology in the Theological Seminary of the German Reformed Church Mercersburg Pa May 20th 1840
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A Short Pamphlet Devoted to the Livestock Interests of Kentucky Prepared for Distribution at the Worlds Fair
Giant Foxtail Setaria Faberi Herrm
The Eleventh Elegy of Book V of Sextus Propertius With a Verse Translation
Two Addresses Some Extinct Pennsylvania Birds And Observations on Wild Animals Delivered Before the Audubon Society and the Boys Science Class of Williamsport Penna High School Longfellows Birthday February 27 1923
Report of the School Committee of the Town of Fairhaven 1892
The Cultivation of Corn Weed Control vs Moisture Conservation
Annual Announcement of the Polytechnic College of the State of Pennsylvania Session 1854-55 Engineering Mining Agriculture and the Chemical and Mechanical Arts
Twenty-First Annual Report of the Womens Education Association (Incorporated) For the Year Ending January 19 1893
Letter of Senator Douglas Vindicating His Character and His Position on the Nebraska Bill Against the Assaults Contained in the Proceedings of a Public Meeting Composed of Twenty-Five Clergymen of Chicago
The Farmer of All Producers of Wealth Needs the Broadest Market for the Sale of His Productive Credit Speech of Hon Wm S Goodwin of Arkansas in the House of Representatives Thursday March 18 1920
From Serfdom to Culture The Remarkable Story of a Blind Chinese Girl Who Rose from a Waif in Canton to the Position of a Proof Reader in a Large American Institution
Description and Resources of Marion County and the City of Salem the State Capital of Oregon 1892 Together with Other Valuable Information in Regard to Fruit Culture C of the State
First Annual Report of the Superintendent of the Chicago Reform School to the Board of Guardians 1856 Showing Its Present Condition Its Educational Advantages Moral and Social Benefits Together with Concise Tabular Statements of the Numbers Committe
The Treatment of Anteflexions of the Uterus
Mammoth Cave by Flash-Light Reprinted from Demorests Family Magazine
Five Consecutive Cases of Gunshot Wounds of the Abdominal Viscera Treated by Abdominal Section Two Deaths Three Recoveries
What Is Nerve-Force? An Address Before the Biological Section of the American Association for the Advancement of Science at the Buffalo Meeting August 1886
An Essay on External Appended Remedies Occasioned by the Very Great Increase of Late Years in the Bills of Mortality Which Plainly Shew That in and about London Only Above 12000 Children Yearly Die of Their Teeth and Convulsions and Feavers Caused Th
Motor Centres in the Cerebral Convolutions Their Existence and Localization
Report on Dental Pathology and Surgery Read Before the American Dental Association August 1870
On the Treatment of Amputations by the Open Method
The Treatment of Affections of the Respiratory Passages and of Blood-Poisonings by Gaseous Enemata A Clinical Demonstration Before the Members of the Philadelphia County Medical Society at the German Hospital of Philadelphia March 30 1887
Ueber Die Schnacke Culex Pipiens Lin
Georgian Revel-Ations! Or the Most Accomplished Gentlemans Midnight Visit Below Stairs! A Poem Reprinted from a Clever Suppressed Work Entitled Pindaric Odes and Tales
Minutes of the Forty-Fourth Session of the Kentucky Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church South Held in Maysville Kentucky September 1864
Benjamin Rush
The Medical Journals of the United States
Forty-First Annual Report of the Tasmanian Institution for the Blind Deaf and Dumb (Incorporated 1933) Together with Accounts and Balance Sheet Year Ended 30 6 38 (Appendix A) Return of Public Subscriptions Etc Year Ended 30 6 38 (Appendix B)
The Right Angle Continuous Intestinal Suture
Strontium A Study in Physiological Therapeutics
Placenta Previa Its Causes Diagnosis and Treatment With Three Cases All Mothers and Two Children Saved
Iodoform (Ter Iodide of Formyle C#8322 H I#8323) Its Therapeutical Effects
Ardent Spirits-Midshipmen Letter from the Secretary of the Navy Transmitting Opinions of Surgeons of the Navy in Relation to Allowing to the Midshipmen of the Navy of the United States Ardent Spirits as a Part of Their Rations January 14 1830
Environmental Influences Affecting Blondes in Rhodesia and Their Bearing on the Future A Survey of the Situation from the Medical and Scientific Standpoints
Der Preuisch-Hessische Eisenbahnvertrag Den Suddeutschen Zur Nutzanwendung!
Three Cases of Amaurotic Family Idiocy
Medical Department U S Army Field Supply Table Approved by the Secretary of War May 9 1898
Some Observations on the Oeconomy and Government of Hospitals Chiefly Regarding Medicine Most Humbly Addressed to All Presidents Vice-Presidents and Governors of Hospitals in and about London and to the Friends of the Poor and of the Arts of Physic
A Reply to the St Louis Medical and Surgical Journal by the Editor of the Nashville Journal of Medicine and Surgery
The Annual Announcement of the Medical Department of the University of the State of Missouri Session 1850-51
Historical Address Delivered at Craftsbury Common by Horace F Graham at the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Settlement of the Town of Craftsbury VT July 4th 1889
Case of Extirpation of a Bilocular Ovarian Cyst by the Large Peritoneal Section
Introductory Lecture to the Course Upon Physiology and Pathology in the Hahnemann Medical College Delivered October 16 1860
Optical Hygiene or the Refractive Care of Our Eyes Compliments of Dr W L Bullard Physician and Surgeon for All Diseases and Deformities of the Eye Ear Nose and Throat Columbus Ga
Lebanon Valley College Bulletin Vol 20 Department of Music 1931-1932 July 1931
Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Westchester for the Year 1872
Annual Address on the Events of the Year Delivered by Appointment February 22d 1860 According to the By-Laws of the Philadelphia County Medical Society
Gypsum Properties Definitions and Uses
Effect of Humidity on Physical Properties of Paper
Annual Retail Price List of J B Birch Nursery Co 1928
Trial of Madame Restell Alias Ann Lohman for Abortion and Causing the Death of Mrs Purdy Being a Full Account of All the Proceedings on the Trial Together with the Suppressed Evidence and Editorial Remarks
Finks Second Mammoth Mail Auction Sale of Coins Curios Indian and Civil War Relics Precious Stones Stamps Minerals Fire Arms Etc
An Accurate List of Persons Who Have Died of the Malignant Fever in This City Including Those at Bellevue C from July 29 to October 29 With the Date of Their Deaths Also of the Different Places Where the Deaths Occurred and the Number That Died in
The Landsdowne Ms (No 851) of Chaucers Canterbury Tales Vol 1
The Blue Hills Nurseries 1928
A Letter to Mrs and Other Loyal Women Touching the Matter of Contributions for the Army and Other Matters Connected with the War
Cautions Regarding Gas-Appliance Attachments
The Higher Education of Woman An Address Delivered at the Opening of Queens College Kingston Canada Session 1871-72
Dahlias Wholesale Price List 1928
Iris 1928 Plants for the Rock Garden
Abstracts and Summaries of the Bureau of Standards Publications on Stay-Current Electrolysis
Instructions for Using the Patent 100-Fold Filmograph for Taking from 1 to 100 Film Negatives in Succession Without Cumbersome Apparatus Also Instructions for Working Gelatine Films
Belmont Gardens 1928 Wholesale and Retail Growers of Roses and Gardenias
Lime Definitions and Specifications
A Cost Comparison of Alternative Systems for Shipping Citrus in Refrigerated Highway Trailer Vans
Aquifer Sensitivity Classification for Illinois Using Depth to Uppermost Aquifer Material and Aquifer Thickness
Windrowing Qualities of Co 281 and Other Varieties of Sugarcane Under Louisiana Conditions
Foreign Agriculture Circular June 9 1952 Flm-5-52
Variations in Results of Sieving with Standard Cement Sieves
The Control of Tomato Leaf-Spot
Water-Quality and Quantity Data East Fork Kaweah River Basin California 1969
The Wheat Stem and Leaf Rust Epidemics of 1938 in Kansas
Economic Aspects of the Fresh Plum Industry
Clay Mineralogy of Pre-Pennsylvanian Sandstones and Shales of the Illinois Basin 1960 Vol 3 Clay Minerals of Various Facies of Some Chester Formations
The Beef Cattle Situation June 18 1938
Food Prices and Policy
Heats of Combustion and of Formation of the Normal Paraffin Hydrocarbons in the Gaseous State and the Energies of Their Atomic Linkages
The Auditors Annual Report of the Receipts and Expenditures of the Town of Andover Together with the Treasurers Account For the Financial Year Ending Feb 21 1853
Seasonal Processors Achievement a Award Manual Ceremonies Conducted by War Department Navy Department
Minutes of the Fifty-First Annual Session of the Cape Fear Free-Will Baptist Conference Held with Stony Run Church Sampson County N C November 2nd 3rd and 4th 1905
Experimental Treatment of Citrus-Cannery Effluent in Florida
Brazils Tobacco Production and Trade
List of Publications and Patents of the Northern Utilization Research Branch Peoria Illinois January-June 1955
Report of the Physician of the New-York Lunatic Asylum Addressed to a Committee of Its Governors and Published at Their Request
An Alphabetical List of the Genera and Species of Sponges Described by H J Carter Esq F R S Together with a Number of His More Important References to Those of Other Authors with an Introductory Notice
Neurotomy a Substitute for Enucleation A New Operation in Ophthalmic Surgery
Medicine the Present and Future An Address Delivered to the Graduates of Evansville Medical College February 27 1878
Rush Medical College Valedictory Address to the Graduating Class 1870-1 by Moses Gunn A M MD Professor of Surgery
A Friendly Address to Single Persons Who Are Religiously Disposed Designed as a Caution Upon a Subject Which May Be of Great Importance to Them in Future Life
The Hot Springs of Arkansas as a Health Resort Their Waters as Remedial Agents
The Railway Review Vol 30 October 17 1896
A Compendium of Picturesque Anatomy Adapted to the Arts of Designing Painting Sculpture and Engraving on Four Folio Lithographic Plates in Which Are Combined the Osteology and Myology of the Human Figure
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Report on Self-Pollution in Children
Revue Politique Et Litteraire Vol 2 Revue Bleue 31e Annee 2e Semestre 1er Juillet Au 31 Decembre 1894
Minutes of the Sixth Decennial Convention for the Revision of the Pharmacopoeia of the United States of America
The Meadow Plant Bug
Joint Documents of the State of Michigan For the Year 1851
Report on the Habits of the Kelep or Guatemalan Cotton-Boll-Weevil Ant
The Life and Times of Queen Victoria Vol 2
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The Statutes at Large of South Carolina Vol 3 Containing the Acts from 1716 Exclusive to 1752 Inclusive Arranged Chronologically
Reports of Cases Decided in the Supreme Court of the State of Oregon Vol 89 Decisions Between May 28 1918 and to October 8 1918
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Laws of the State of New York Passed at the Eighty-First Session of the Legislature Begun January Fifth and Ended April Nineteenth 1858 in the City of Albany
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Les Ennemis de Chapelain
Force vs Work Some Practical Remarks on Dietetics in Disease
The Relation of Idiopathic Dilatation of the Colon to Phantom Tumor and the Appropriate Treatment of Suitable Cases of These Affections by Resection of the Sigmoid Flexure
Some Remarks on My Hypothesis of the Self-Regulation of Respiration and Dr Cowls Discussion of It
The Scientific Rationale of Modern Wound Treatment
The Non-Asylum Treatment of the Insane
Pathology and Treatment of Injuries of the Pelvic Floor With Special Reference to Subcutaneous Lacerations of the Levator Ani and Transversus Perinaei Muscles and the Formation of Rectocele
Remarks on Typhoid Fever in the Young
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Botany at the Anniversary Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
Physiological and Pathological Reversion
A Discourse on the Importance of Anatomy Delivered in the Amphitheatre of Surgeons in London on Wednesday the 21st of January 1767 Discours Sur LImportance de LAnatomie Prononce A LAmphitheatre Des Chirurgiens de Londres Le Mercredi 21 Janvie
On the Perivascular Spaces in the Nervous Centers
The Bacteriology of the Blood in Typhoid Fever Being a Report on Sixty Cases and a Statistical Study Read at a Meeting of the New York Pathological Society February 10th 1904
Von Stammbuchern Und Rebus Festschrift Zum 17 Februar 1855
Augustine and Company 1927 Nurserymen Landscape Gardeners
Important Estates Sales Including That of an Estate Removed from a Palatial Residence by Order of Messrs Morgan Carr and Baiter Attorneys 60 Wall Street Furniture of the English and French Periods Tapestries Needlework Carpets Rugs China and Si
Election Du Comte Northumberland
Probe Vol 3 Newsletter for the USDA Plant Genome Research Program January-June 1993
Cottage Hospitals
The Splendid Pictures of Thomas Emmerson Esq of Stratford Place A Catalogue of the Collection of Original and Splendid Italian Spanish Dutch and Flemish Paintings the Sole Property of Thos Emmerson Esq
Pests Not Known to Occur in the United States or of Limited Distribution Silver y Moth
Catalogue of Oil Paintings to Close Various Estates To Be Sold at Auction Thursday Evening April 15th 1915 at Half-Past Eight OClock
The Spectroscope and the Law Similia Similibus Curantur Read Before the American Institute of Homeopathy at Its Nineteenth Session Held at Pittsburg Pa June 6 and 7 1866
Adequate Diets for Families with Limited Incomes
A Catalogue of the English Pictures Purchased Mostly for the Purpose of Engraving by the Messrs Lloyd Publishers of Ludgate Hill
Description of a View of St Petersburg and the Surrounding Country Now Exhibiting at the Panorama Leicester Square
Median Lithotomy Being the Substance of Some Remarks Delivered Before the Ohio Central Medical Association
The So-Called Chronic Metritis and Its Rational Treatment
Official Journal of the Plant Variety Protection Office Vol 4 June 1976
The Induction Coil Its Varieties and the Differential Indications for Their Use
Reports on the Physical Condition of the Police Force of St Louis Made to the Board of Police Commissioners 1888
On the Haemocytozoa of Birds
Embolic Diseases of the Eye
Exhibition of an Improved Apparatus for the Therapeutic Use of Compressed and Rarefied Air with Remarks on the Home-Treatment of Pulmonary Affections
The Difficulties and Dangers of Batteys Operation
Catalogue of the Skaats Collection of Fine Modern Oil-Paintings 1883
The Inguinal Operation for Femoral Hernia
A Preliminary Report on the Morphology of Ovarian and Myomatous Tumors
Spondylolisthesis with Description of a Case
Malarial Paralysis Clinical Lecture Delivered at the Pennsylvania Hospital
Catalogue of Mr George I Seneys Collection of Paintings On Exhibition at the Gallery of the Brooklyn Art Association April 16th-28th 1887 in Aid of Building Fund for Aged Men
The Place of Fixation in the Traction Treatment of Hip Disease
A Sketch of the Life of Horatio R Storer MD
The Silver Chev Vol 1 June 15 1919
Zur Mittelschulreform in Bayern Bemerkungen Vom Arztlichen Standpunkte
Buildings for Insane Criminals Formerly of the State Asylum for Insane Criminals Auburn N Y and of the State Lunatic Hospital Danvers Mass A Paper Read at the Conference of Charities in Chicago June 11 1879
Observations on Tuberculous Knee-Joint Disease in Childhood
Forty-First Annual Report of the Directors of the Connecticut and Passumpsic Rivers Railroad Company July 1886
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Report of a Case of Epilepsy of Forty-Five Years Duration With Autopsy
Facts Concerning Slaughter-Houses Rendering Establishments and Other Nuisances Pestilence and the Depreciation of Property
Civilization and Health Read Before the American Social Science Association at the Lowell Institute Boston March 1 1870
Some Valuable Recipes for Canning Fruits and Vegetables
The Seborrhoic Process and the Early Syphilitic Eruptions
Articles of Association and By-Laws of the Massachusetts Medical Benevolent Society Additional ACT Amendatory to Same 1892
The Process of Repair After Resection of the Intestine and Intestinal Suture
Constitution and Roster Thirteenth Reunion Brandon VT October 18 1907
Follicular Amygdalitis
The Pioneers And Other Poems
Cystoscopy and Catheterization of the Ureters in the Male
The McGill Gazette Vol 5 December 11th 1878
Constitution By-Laws and List of Officers and Members of the Chicago Academy of Sciences
Directory 1943-1944
Silvical Characteristics of Honeylocust
Effect of Overfiring Upon the Structure of Clays
Gesamtregister Zu Den Jahresberichten Der Anatomie Und Entwicklungsgeschichte 1892-1901 Vol 2 Sachregister (Mit Einem Verweisregister)
The Wood Situation July 1952 Tws-20
Behavior of Synthetic Tanning Materials Toward Hide Substance
Preparation of Woodland Management Plans and Related Considerations
Two Species of Macrosiphum
Field Letter Vol 34 December 15 1917
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Church Directory of Leasburg Circuit 1929
Federal-State Cooperative Snow Surveys and Irrigation Water Forecasts for Arizona As of March 1 1954
Alumni Magazine Vol 39 October 1940
Triassic Stratigraphy in the Northern Part of the Culpeper Basin Virginia and Maryland
Pasteurization of Liquid Whole Egg Under Commercial Conditions to Eliminate Salmonella
Field Letter Vol 33 November 15 1917
Minutes of the Forty-Fourth Annual Session of the Cape Fear Free-Will Baptist Conference Held with Colyers Chapel Cumberland Co N C November 3 4 and 5 1898
Evaluation of Ryania for the Protection of Stored Wheat and Shelled Corn from Insect Attack
Field Letter No 36 May 1918
Incidence of White Pine Blister Rust Infection in the Lake States
The Care of the Baby The Advise Given in the Pamphlet Is Intended to Prevent Sickness Among Infants and Young Children The Cure of Disease and the Treatment of a Sick Child Should Be Directed by a Physician
Food Consumption and Expenditures India Japan United States
The Influence of Anaesthetics on the Vaso-Motor Centres
Neurology in the Scandinavian Countries
Joseph Friederich Piringer His Methods and Investigations
The Production of Diphtheria Toxin
Sanitary Suggestions for the Information and Guidance of the Jeannette Search Expedition
Pseudo-Tuberculosis Hominis Streptothricha
Hay-Fever Its Cause and Cure
The Treatment of Nervous and Mental Disease by Systematized Active Exercises
Hearing a Far Call
The Haemostatic Forceps in Exsecting the Appendix
Remarks Upon the Enucleation of Uterine Fibroids With Illustrative Cases
Membranous Dysmenorrhoea
A Case of Primary Tuberculosis of the Female Bladder Diagnosed and Treated by Howard Kellys New Method of Direct Inspection with Large Endoscopes
Fibromyoma Complicating Pregnancy Fibroma of Vaginal Wall
Regulations Concerning Uniforms
Measures and Maxims in the Cure and Prevention of Consumption
Electric Medicamental Diffusion Metallic Electrolysis-Cataphoresis-Soluble Metallic Electrodes with Illustrative Cases of Tinnitus Aurium Trachoma Nasal and Post-Nasal Catarrh Urethritis Tonsillitis Vascular Tumor Dermoid Cyst Naevi Sycosis Etc
The Relation of Ozone to Disease Prize Thesis
Before the Committee on Public Health of the House of Representatives in the Matter of the Consideration by the Committee of House Bill No 2785 Argument of J Coleman of Counsel Submitted March 20 1884
Vulvar and Vaginal Enterocele
McGill University Gazette Vol 12 February 16th 1889
The Prognosis and Treatment of Acute General Peritonitis
Valedictory Address Delivered by Henry E Mereness at the Commencement Exercises of the Albany Medical College December 22 1874
Recent Researches in Electro-Therapeutics
Comparative Anatomy and Embryology of Vertebrates as AIDS in the Teaching of Human Anatomy in the Medical Course
The Early History of Vaginal Hysterectomy
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Dietetics in Diseases of the Stomach
An Introductory Lecture Delivered Before the Students of the Albany Medical College September 6th 1853
University Gazette Vol 13 March 24th 1890
A Novel System of Operating for Correction of the Deflected Septum By Means of an Electric Motor Nasal Drills and an Original Spray-Producing Device
A Statistical and Experimental Study of Terminal Infections
The Physiology of Secretion Annual Address Delivered Before the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland April 9th 1879
An Address Delivered at the Opening of the Medical College in Charleston (S C) on Monday the 13th of November 1826
Legislation on Insanity An Address Delivered by J Parigot MD Before the New York Academy of Medicine February 1 1865
The Hunterian Ligation of Arteries to Relieve and to Prevent Destructive Inflammation
An Address Delivered at the Opening of the First Session of the Savannah Medical College on the 7th November 1853
An Essay on Yellow Fever Comprising the History of That Disease as It Appeared in the Island of Antigua in the Years 1835 1839 and 1842 with an Appendix Continuing the History to 1853
Introductory Lecture to the Class of Midwifery C in the Jefferson Medical College Delivered Wednesday October 9 1854
Introductory Address Delivered at the Opening of the Session of the Medical College of Georgia On the Second Monday of November 1838
Physical Education An Essay Read Before the Cumberland County Teachers Institute
Report of a Committee Appointed by Resolution of the Sanitary Commission to Prepare a Paper on the Use of Quinine as a Prophylactic Against Malarious Diseases
Reminiscences of Medical Teaching and Teachers in New-York An Address Introductory to a Course of Lectures at the College of Physicians and Surgeons New York Session of 1850-51
Diffraction Imaging (Topography) with Monochromatic Synchrotron Radiation
Discovery of Curatives by Observation An Address Delivered in the Assembly Chamber Albany Before the Homoeopathic Medical Society of the State of New York at Its Annual Meeting February 8 1853
Medicine as a Profession for Women
Catalogue of an Exhibition of Original Etchings by Lester G Hornby March 1914
True History Jefferson Davis Answered The Horrors of the Andersonville Prison Pen The Personal Experience of Henry Hernbaker Jr and John Lynch Late of the United States Volunteer Army and Formerly Prisoners of War
Breve Notice Sur Sainte-Anne DYamachiche
Medical and Surgical Science in the United States Specialities Empiricism C Enlarged from an Article Published in the New Orleans Picayune of Feb 14 1860
Oak-Hill Cemetery or a Treatise on the Fatal Effects Resulting from the Location of Cemeteries in the Immediate Vicinity of Towns
Louisburg College for Girls and Young Women
The Family Guardian Containing Brief Treatises on Some of the Principal Diseases of North America and Suggestions for Their Treatment and Cure With a Biographical Sketch of James McClintock
The Place of Industrial and Technical Training in Popular Education
Financing Modern Warfare
The Borderland of Insanity
Spring in Savary
Description of the Models of Hospitals
The First Report of the Engineers to the Directors of the Lebanon Springs Railroad 1851
Clinical Report of Interesting Cases in Private Practice
Living and Dead Osteomas of the Nasal and Its Accessory Cavities Illustrated by a Case of Encysted Orbital Osteoma Originating in an Ethmoid Bone
First Annual Report University Hospital 1005 Campbell Street Kansas City Missouri 1899
The Silver Chev Vol 1 April 15 1919
Asiatic Cholera Its Treatment by Hahnemannian Homoeopathy
Aspen for Veneer
Prolonged Retention of Life by Infants Still-Born Cases Read Before the Washington Obstetrical and Gynecological Society
Biometry Its Relation to the Practice of Medicine A Paper Read Before the Section on Practical Medicine of the American Medical Association at Its Annual Session Held in Louisville KY May 1875 and Referred to the Committee for Publication in the Tr
Code of Fair Competition for the Canvas Goods Industry as Approved on March 16 1934
Summary of Work by Farm Supplies Branch 1934-1956
Report of the Acting Superintendent of the Yellowstone National Park to the Secretary of the Interior 1913
Raisin Marketing Preliminary Economic Highlights
Bovine Tuberculosis Eradication Uniform Methods and Rules Effective February 3 1989
Poetical Attempts
A New Instrument for the Ready and Effective Use of the Double Current in the Treatment of Suppurating Cavities and in Pelvic Drainage
The Netherlands Poultry Meat Industry
Chicago Orthopedic Institute For the Surgical and Mechanical Treatment of the Deformities and Deficiencies of the Human Body Such as Curvature of the Spine Hip Diseases Club-Foot Affections of the Joints Contractions Paralysis Etc Etc
Food Service in Puerto Ricos Schools
Sewerage and Sewage of the City of New York
Thirty-Second Annual Report Upon the Ontario Institution for the Education of the Blind Brantford Being for the Year Ending September 30th September 1903
Inventory Management by Selected Retail Farm Supply Co-Ops Area 1-Michigan Indiana Ohio Pennsylvania Vol 38 General Report January 1958
Ponemah and the Milford Mineral Springs Illustrated
Food Consumption of Households in the United States Spring 1965 A Preliminary Report
Combustion Recovery of Flaming Pine Needle Fuel Beds Sprayed with Water Map Mixtures
Characteristics of Declining Forest Stands on the Allegheny National Forest
Neurological Contributions I the Odor of the Human Body as Developed by Certain Affections of the Nervous System II on a Hitherto Undescribed Form of Muscular Incoordination
Normal Ovariotomy 1872
Pruritus Hiemalis An Undescribed Form of Pruritu
A Lecture on the Clinical Anatomy of the Lower Extremity and Especially of the Knee and Ankle Joints Delivered Before the Anatomical and Surgical Society of Brooklyn
Methodism in 1791 and 1891
The Modern Family Physician Being Dr Greens Treasure of Health or Cabinet of Cures Unlockd in Which All His Public Medicines Are Made Known with Proper Instructions How to Prepare and Use His Valuable Packet British Oil and Balsam of Life
Alimentation in Disease
Shall We Meet Beyond the River?
The Captive Gypsy
Operative Treatment of Myofibroma Uteri
Report of the Pleuro-Pneumonia Among Cattle in the State of New Jersey Proceedings Under an ACT to Prevent the Spread of Contagious or Infectious Pleuro-Pneumonia Among Cattle in the State of New Jersey Approved March 13 1879
Teak in Siam and Indo-China
Galvanic and Faradic Electricity in the Treatment of Uterine Displacements
The Results Obtained from the Use of Aniline Products in the Treatment of Carcinoma
The Responsibility or Guiteau
A Poison-Producing Bacillus Found in Ice-Cream and Cheese
Dentistry Not a Specialty in Medicine An Address Delivered Before the New England Dental Society at the Annual Meeting Boston October 7th 1886
Rumination in Man
A Sketch of the Work of the School for Crippled Children During the Years 1919-1920 With the Financial Statement for 1919
Plants Seeds Bulbs and Garden Supplies 1926
An Affectionate Address to Those Trustees Stewards Local Preachers and Leaders of the London South Circuit Whose Names Are Affixed to Certain Resolutions Bearing Date September 23 1828
Manual of Rules for Child-Bed Nursing
A Letter to Mr Webster Morgan in Reply to a Circular Entitled Liverpool North Circuit
1927 Price List of Ornamental Trees Shrubs and Vines Flowering Plants Palms Ferns and Grasses
Minutes of the Seventy-Third Session of the Georgia Annual Conference of the Methodist Protestant Church Held at Mitchells Chapel November 20-23 1902
Recipes Wholesome Nutritious Economical
Minutes of the Forty-Seventh Annual Conference of the Methodist Protestant Church for the Georgia District 1877
Minutes of the Forty-Fifth Annual Conference of the Methodist Protestant Church for the Georgia District 1875
Annual Minutes of the Baltimore Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church Held at Bridgewater Rockingham County Va March 10th to 14th 1864
Newcomb Gallery Comprising Paintings by Modern Masters of the Highest Rank The Entire Gallery of Paintings Belonging to the Late H D Newcomb Esq Louisville KY to Be Sold Peremptorily to Close and Settle the Estate Alma Tadema Rosa Bonheur Ger
Executors Sale of the Effects of the Late Mr E Leutze Comprising Books Paintings Etchings Drawings Antique Furniture Guns Swords Costumes C Also a Fine Collection of Paintings Contributed by the Artists Mutual Aid Society
Minutes of the Forty-Sixth Annual Conference of the Methodist Protestant Church for the Georgia District 1876
Minutes of the Seventieth Annual Session of the Georgia Annual Conference of the Methodist Protestant Church Held at Stockbridge Georgia Nov 16-20 1899
Catalogue of 200 Splendid Modern European Paintings Now Exhibiting in the Granite Building Cor of Broadway and Chambers-St Entrance in Chambers-St Admission Free Every Evening Until the Day of Sale the Gallery Will Be Splendidly Lighted by Gas S
Proceedings of the Conference Deputation at Louth
Oil Paintings Including That of Michael C Clark By Order of Geo W Hagney Esq Attorney Also the Estate of Sidney W Hopkins Geo A Dowden and Others to Be Sold at Public Auction Wednesday and Thursday Evenings April 12th and 13th 1916 at 8
Minutes of the Seventy-Fourth Session of the Georgia Annual Conference of the Methodist Protestant Church Held at Mt Zion Church Henry County December 3-6 1903
A Reply to the Pamphlet Intituled a Statement of Facts C In Reference to the Introduction of an Organ Into Brunswick Chapel and the Dissensions Connected with That Proceeding
A Candid Reply to Certain Inquiries Relative to the Proceedings of the Methodist Conference Held in Manchester 1849
Youngs Aurora Nurseries Aurora Illinois Price List Fall 1926
Across the Islands and Beyond
Nineteenth Annual Report 1st January 1942-31st December 1942
Daniel Drake or Then and Now The Address in Medicine Delivered Before the Mississippi Valley Medical Association Detroit Mich Sept 4 1895
The Statistics of Malignant Deciduoma
The Radical Cure of Femoral Hernia
Total Extirpation of the Vagina for Carcinoma
The Silver Chev Vol 1 May 15 1919
Multiple Benign Cystic Epithelioma of the Skin
An Explanation by the Publisher of the Nature Scope Form and Method of Preparation of the Index Medicus
Nervous Shock and Disease of the Nervous System as a Cause of Pernicious Anemia Read in the Section on Practice of Medicine at the Forty-Seventh Annual Meeting of the American Medical Association Held at Atlanta Ga May 5-8 1896
Qual E a Composicao Chimica DOS Ossos Humanos? Sua Composicao E a Mesma Em Todos OS Ossos Do Mesmo Individuo? Que Vantagens Practicas Se Podem Obter Por Meio Deste Conhecimento? Circulacao Do Feto Do Azevre Sua Accao Physiologica E Therapeutic
Hysterical Symptoms in Organic Nervous Affections
The Relation of Peripheral Irritation to Disease Considered from a Therapeutic Standpoint
Removal of an Angioma of the Liver by Elastic Constriction External to the Abdominal Cavity with a Table of 59 Cases of Operation for Hepatic Tumors Read at the Meeting of the Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania Pittsburg May 19 1897
Field Letter Vol 37 July 1918
Mexicos Expanding Olive Industry
Soybean Cyst Nematode Progress in Research and Control
Losses in Transporting and Handling Grain by Selected Grain Marketing Cooperatives
Zion United Church of Christ (Evangelical and Reformed) Thomasville North Carolina Fiftieth Anniversary of Organization 1909-1959
Price Spreads for Formulated Poultry Feeds in Illinois
Minutes of the Sixteenth Annual Session of the North Carolina Conference of the Pentecostal Holiness Church Held at Greenville N C 1926
Guizot Collection of Pamphlets
Pulpwood Production in the Northeast 1981
Record World Sugar Production in 1976 77
History of the First Baptist Church of Hillsboro North Carolina
Annual Reports of the Town Officers of the Town of Roxbury New Hampshire For the Year Ending January 31 1932
Hydrologic Design of Small Farm Ponds in the Rolling Plains Central Prairies and West Cross Timbers Areas of Kansas Oklahoma and Texas
Breeding Blister Rust Resistant Western White Pine First Results from Field Testing of Resistant Planting Stock
The Vegetable Situation Vol 106 Sept 1952
The Almond Industries of Italy and Spain
Bear Creek Primitive Baptist Association Minutes Twenty-Fifth Spring Session Held with the Church at Jones Hill Stanley County N C Commencing Saturday Before the First Sunday in May 1909 Also of the Seventy-Eight Annual of Fall Session Held with
Chilling Injury and Alternaria Rot of Bell Peppers
Catalogue of the Trustees Faculty and Students of Davidson College For the Thirty-Fifth Collegiate Year Ending June 27 1872
The Effectiveness of Home-Economics Extension Work in Reaching Farm Women
A Comparative View of the Punishments Annexed to Crime in the United States of America and in England
Omnitab II Segmentation Structure for the Scope Operating System
The Archon Vol 25 December 16 1937
University Gazette Vol 6 April 1st 1883
A Study of Some Infant Foods in Comparison with Mothers Milk The Deficiency of Fat in Dry Milk-Foods for Infants The Content of Fat in Dry Milk-Foods for Infants
Inauguration of the Bellevue Hospital Medical College First Annual Session October 1861
A Lecture on the Localization of Diseases in the Spinal Cord Delivered Before the Anatomical and Surgical Society of Brooklyn
National Board of Health and National Quarantine
Recent Investigations in Faradic Electricity Variation and Control of the Current by Rapidity of Interruption and Variation of Coils and the Single-Wire High-Tension Current
Cases of Retrodeviation of the Pregnant Uterus Including a Case of Pregnancy in an Incarcerated Cornu and a Case Complicated by an Ovarian Tumor With Remarks
Three Years Experience with the Electrical Treatment of Fibroid Tumors of the Uterus With a Report of Forty-Four Cases
Some Recent Advances in the Diagnosis and Treatment of the Abscess of the Antrum of Highmore
On the Use of the Vaginal Tampon in the Treatment of Certain Effects Following Pelvic Inflammations
The Steps of the Cesarean Section The Dos and the Donts
A Second Clinical Study of Hemianopsia Cases of Chiasm-Lesion Demonstration of Hemiopic Pupillary Inaction
A Supplementary Paper Upon Supra-Vaginal Hysterectomy by the New Method with Report of Additional Cases
Letters Addressed to the Board of Health and to Richard Riker Recorder of the City of New-York on the Subject of His Agency in Constituting a Special Medical Council
An Address Delivered Before the Class of the Castleton Medical College on the History of the Original Application of Anaesthetic Agents May 17 1848
Exploratory Laparotomy
Catalogue of Oil Paintings by Jervis McEntee N a To Be Sold at Auction Without Reserve Wednesday Evening March 7th at Eight OClock on Free Exhibition Day and Evening at the Fifth Avenue Art Galleries 366 and 368 Fifth Avenue
A Contribution to the Clinical Study of Exophthalmic Goitre
Bombproof Vol 1 August 3 1918
The Charter and By-Laws of the New-York Dispensary Instituted 1790
On the Treatment of Lupus by Parasiticides
The Therapeutics of Diphtheria
Vaccination A Report Read Before the American Social Science Association at New York October 27 1869
Remarks on Puerperal Fever
Festivities at Boston The Dinner and Levee at Faneuil Hall June 2 1859
Address Before the Philadelphia County Medical Society Delivered January 30 1862
Catalogue of the Alumni of the School of Medicine University of Maryland 1850
Eulogy Upon the Life and Character of Hiram Augustus Edmonds MD Supt of the Lydius St Mission Sabbath School Delivered Before the Teachers and Friends of the Mission on Wednesday Evening April 29 1857
Bulletin of the Harvard Medical School Alumni Association The Harvard Medical School Its Progress and Its Problems The New England Medical Center What It Hopes to Accomplish The Boston Medical Library Past Present and Future July 1930
An Opium-Eater in America
An Address to the Graduates of the Medical Department of the St Louis University Delivered February 28th 1851
Shell-Shock A Digest of the English Language
Catalogue of Indigenous and Foreign Medicinal Roots Herbs Barks Flowers Seeds C Pressed in Pound Half lb and Oz Packages or in Bulk 1859 Also a General Assortment of Concentrated Medicines from the Laboratories of Messrs Keith and Co N y
Life of Dr Benjamin Rush
A Key to the Science of Electrical Psychology All Its Secrets Explained with Full and Comprehensive Instructions in the Mode of Operation and Its Application to Disease With Some Useful and Highly Interesting Experiments Every Person an Operator
Dickens Centenary Exhibition of Old Masters 1912 Catalogue of Paintings at the New Allom Galleries
Nature in Disease An Address Before the Norfolk District Medical Society of Massachusetts at the Annual Meeting May 12 1852
Dissertation Upon Bilious Inflammatory Fever
A Short Account of the Yellow Fever as It Appeared in New-London in August September and October 1798 With an Accurate List of Those Who Died of the Disease the Donations C C C
Biographical Sketch of Doctor Jonathan Potts Director General of the Hospitals of the Northern and Middle Departments in the War of the Revolution With Extracts from His Correspondence
An Address Delivered at the Anniversary Celebration of the Birth of Spurzheim and the Organization of the Boston Phrenological Society January 1 1838
A Dissertation on the Effects of Partial Insanity Upon All the Mental Faculties of a Testator When Exposed to the Artifices of a Cognizant Fraudulent Player on Disordered Animal Machinery Exhibiting a Review and Report of the Trials of the Last Wills a
Introductory Lecture to the Course of Chemistry Delivered by Professor Draper on the Relations of Atmospheric Air to Animals and Plants Session 1844-45
An Address to the Graduates of the Ohio College of Dental Surgery Session of 1858-59
The Battle Creek Idea
An Inaugural Treatise on Veratrine Offered to the Dean and Faculty of the Medical College of the State of South-Carolina
Act of Incorporation of the Village of Middlebury School Law and By-Laws of the Village
Treatment of Chronic Endometritis by Curetting and Gauze Drainage With a Synopsis of Twenty-Seven Cases
The Present Position of Electrolysis in the Treatment of Cutaneous Affections
University Gazette Vol 12 January 29th 1889
Die Wiener Handschrift Des Herodot
On the Deleterious Results of a Narrow Prepuce and Preputial Adhesions
On Functional Disorders of the Stomach Accompanied with Hypersecretion 1 Hyperchlorhydria 2 Gastro-Succorrhoea Continua Periodica 3 Gastro-Succorrhoea Continua Chronica
Subglottic Neoplasms
On the Intimate Structure and History of the Articular Cartilages
Nineteenth Report of the Board of Directors and Officers of the California Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind for the Twenty-Four Months Ending June 30 1890
Florida Conference Bulletin of the M E Church South Thirty-Sixth Session Held at Ocala Florida December 16-19th 1880
Experiments Upon the Effects of Direct Electrization of the Stomach
Memoir of the Late Edward Walsh MD Physician to His Majestys Forces With Notices of the Canadian Indians C
Fifth Annual Report of the Board of Trustees and Managers of the California Institution for the Education and Care of the Indigent Deaf and Dumb and the Blind to the Governor of the State of California for the Year Ending Dec 31 1864
Eyes for Service! Twenty-Eighth Annual Report of the National Society for the Prevention of Blindness 1942
Seeing Through Life Fourteenth Annual Report December 1928
Price List Subject to Fluctuations
Personal Experience in the Treatment of Cancer
Explorative Laparotomy
Vaginal Hysterectomy and Hysterectomy by Morcellement The Vaginal Route in Pelvic Operations in Place of Laparotomy or the Abdominal Method
On Dupuytrens Finger-Contraction Its Nervous Origin
On Rectal Alimentation and the Induction of Abortion for the Relief of the Obstinate Vomiting of Pregnancy
A Report of Fifty Cases of Extraction of Cataract Without Iridectomy
The Affections of the Arch of the Foot Commonly Classified as Flat-Foot
List of the Members of the Society of the Sons of St George Established at Philadelphia Revised and Corrected the 23d of April 1802
An Explanation of Jones Remedy for Humors Leprosy (White Scurf) Salt-Rheum Erysipelas Tetter Prairie Itch (of the West ) and All Cutaneous Diseases Can Be Cured by This Medicine Operating as a Purifier of the Blood as the Within Testimonials Will
Trickology or a Letter of Advice to a Student of Medicine
A List of the Governors of the Benevolent Institution for the Sole Purpose of Delivering Poor Married Women at Their Own Habitations Established January 1780
Lymphoid Hypertrophy in the Pharyngeal Vault
Report of the Board of Supervisors on Physical Training in the Public Schools
An Address Delivered Before Hiram Lodge No 40 in the Masonic Hall Raleigh on the Twenty-Fourth June 1846
On the Cultivation of the Gonococcus from Cases of Gonorrhea Ophthalmia Purulenta and Pyosalpinx
A Clinical Consideration of Sixty Cases of Cerebral Paralysis in Children
Lyssa and the Pasteur Fiasco
Uterine Fibroids and Other Pelvic Tumors Their Therapeutic Treatment and Conduct to the Menopause
Clinical Report on Cases of Lacerated Cervix and Ovariotomy from Private Practice
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On Pigmentary Deposits in the Brain Resulting from Malarial Poisoning
A Definition of the Scope of Orthopaedic Surgery As Indicated by Its Origin by Its Development and by the Work of the American Orthopaedic Association
The Criminal His Social and Legal Status and the Philosophy of Reformation
Tendon Transplantation in the Treatment of Paralytic Deformities
The Sewerage of Columbus Ohio Address of Col George E Waring Jr at Board of Trade Auditorium Columbus O Monday Evening June 23 1890 and Discussion Following
The Trunk Sewer of Buffalo N y Its Construction Cost and Operation
Twenty Second Report of the Board of Directors and Officers of the California Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind For the Twenty-Four Months Ending June 30 1896
Degenerations of the Placenta as a Cause of the Death of the Child
House-Drainage and Sewerage Read Before the Above Association February 16th and 18th 1878
Heads of a Course of Lectures on the Natural History of the Celestial Bodies the Earth the Vegetable the Atmosphere and Animal Kingdoms Including the History of Man and the Most Effectual Means of Preserving Health
Ventilation of the Madison Square Theatre With Illustrations
Ontario Institution for the Education of the Blind Brantford Ont Canada Annual Reports of Inspector Langmuir Principal Hunter MA Dr W D Corson Physician and Sturgeon for the Year Ending September 30th 1878
Immunity as Against Heredity in Tuberculosis
Experimental Study in Thoracic Surgery Report of Committee on Surgery
Memories 1934
Ontario Institute for the Education of the Blind for the Year Ending 30th September 1876 Reports of Mr Inspector Lanmuir Mr Principal Hunter Dr Corson Physician
Anatomy Physiology and Pathology of the Supra-Renal Capsules
Controverse de Guerre Entre Catholiques La
Report of a Committee of the Associate Medical Members of the Sanitary Commission on the Subject of Excision of Joints for Traumatic Cause 1862
A Letter on the Cholera as It Occurred in Cincinnati Ohio in October 1832 Addressed to Dr Short of Lexington Kentucky
Louisburg College Louisburg North Carolina
Address Delivered in the Masonic Hall at the Commencement of the First Course of Lectures of the Medical Institute of the State of Georgia
Exhibition Prudhon (1758-1823)
Annali Della Pubblica E Privata Beneficenza
The Rights of the Insane in Hospitals
An Address at the Opening of the Session of 1847-8 of the Indiana Medical College
Dr Wells the Discoverer of Anaesthesia
Tribute to the Memory of the Late Caspar Wistar MD Professor of Anatomy C in the University of Pennsylvania President of the American Philosophical Society for the Promotion of Useful Knowledge C
An Inaugural Dissertation on Sympathy Submitted to the Examination of the REV John Ewing S T P Provost the Trustees and Medical Faculty of the University of Pennsylvania on the Sixth Day of June 1799 for the Degree of Doctor of Medicine
The Contagiousness of Puerperal Fever Read Before the Boston Society for Medical Improvement and Published at the Request of the Society
A Proposal for Altering the Eastern Front of the City of Philadelphia With a View to Prevent the Recurrence Malignant Disorders on a Plan Conformable to the Original Design of William Penn
Introductory Lecture Before the Medical Class of the University of Pennsylvania Delivered November 9 1843
Reconstruction of the Mouth After Loss of the Under Lip by a New Operation
The Institution of the Humane Society of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts With the Rules for Regulating Said Society and the Methods of Treatment to Be Used with Persons Apparently Dead With a Number of Recent Cases Proving the Happy Effects Thereof
An Inaugural Dissertation on Animal Heat 1810 Submitted to the Public Examination of the Faculty of Physic Under the Authority of the Trustees of Columbia College in the State of New-York the Right REV Benjamin Moore DD President
Revue Politique Et Litteraire Revue Bleue Vol 62 Du 1st Au 31 Decembre 1924
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Compiled Code of South Carolina 1930 Vol 2 Submitted by the Code Commissioner Pursuant to the Constitution and Statutes of South Carolina for the Consideration of the General Assembly 1931 and for the Adoption by the General Assembly of 1932 as the of
Bulletin de la Societe Francaise DHistoire de la Medecine 1929 Vol 23
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Galerie Des Contemporains Illustres Par Un Homme de Rien Vol 2
Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Vermont Vol 54
La Liberte de Penser 1851 Vol 8 Revue Democratique
An Abridgment of the Revised Statutes of the State of New York Together with the Other Statutory Provisions of a General and Permanent Nature Except the Code of Civil Procedure the Code of Criminal Procedure and the Penal Code Passed from the Year 17
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Laws and Resolutions of the State of North Carolina Passed by the General Assembly at Its Session 1876-77 Begun and Held in the City of Raleigh on Monday the Nineteenth Day of November A D 1876 To Which Are Prefixed a Register of State Officers
The Eastern Reporter Vol 1 Containing All the Decisions of the States of Maine New Hampshire Vermont Massachusetts Rhode Island Connecticut New York New Jersey and Pennsylvania as Soon as They Are Filed with Statement of the Case
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Report of the Secretary of Agriculture 1924
Reports from University Colleges 1904
Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Superior Court of the City of New York Vol 5
Proceedings of the Special Committee on Municipal Code Seventy-Fifth General Assembly Extraordinary Session Aug 26 to Oct 22 1902
Dunne Judge Mayor Governor
Reports of Cases Decided in the Court of Appeal During the Year 1897 Vol 24
Oeuvres Diverses de J-B Say Catechisme DEconomie Politique Fragments Et Opuscules Inedits Correspondance Generale Olbie Petit Volume Melanges de Morale Et de Litterature
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The Athenaeum Journal of Literature Science the Fine Arts Music and the Drama July to December 1903
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The Protective Question Abroad and Remarks at the Indianapolis Exposition
Addresses Statements Etc 1968
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The Revised Reports 1834-1836 Vol 41 Being a Republication of Such Cases in the English Courts of Common Law and Equity from the Year 1785 as Are Still of Practical Utility 3 Mylne and Keen 1 Younge and Collyer 2 Adolphus and Ellis 4 Nevile and
Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Superior Court of the City of New York Vol 2
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The Maintenance of Fertility Field Experiments with Fertilizers and Manures on Tobacco Corn Wheat and Clover in the Miami Valley
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The Conquest of a Continent A Dramatization of the Sixteenth Chapter of Acts
The Katholeps 1917
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Insecticidal Properties of Some Plants Growing in Puerto Rico
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The History of Canadian Currency Banking and Exchange Experiment and Inflation
A Digest of Decisions of the Supreme Court of Louisiana from the 15th to the 30th Annual P 800 Inclusive Also of the Circuit Court of the Fifth Circuit Sitting in Louisiana and the Louisiana Cases Decided in the Supreme Court of the United States
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Official Register Persons in the Civil Military and Naval Service of the United States and List of Vessels 1911 Vol 2 The Postal Service
An Extension Program in Range Livestock Dairying and Human Nutrition for the Western States
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Moisture Content of Seed Cotton in Relation to Cleaning and Ginning Efficiency and Lint Quality
Geschichte Und Literatur Der Staatswissenschaften Vol 3 Die
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Illustriertes Forst-Und Jagd-Lexikon
Dictionnaire DArcheologie Chretienne Et de Liturgie Vol 3 Premiere Partie Chainage-Chypre
Ethische Kultur 1904 Vol 12 Halbmonatsschrift Fur Ethisch-Soziale Reformen
Newcomb-Engelmanns Populare Astronomie
Papers Relating to the Foreign Relations of the United States Transmitted to Congress With the Annual Message of the President December 9 1891 Preceded by a List of Papers with an Analysis of Their Contents and Followed by an Alphabetical Index of
Naturgeschichte Der Vogel Deutschlands Nach Einigen Erfahrungen Entworfen Vol 9 Durchaus Umgearbeitet Systematisch Geordnet Sehr Vermehrt Vervollstandigt Und Mit Getreu Nach Der Natur Eigenhandig Gezeichneten Und Gestochenen Abbildungen Aller D
Price Determination Processes Issues and Evaluation
Special Studies of Marketing Costs and Practices
Soil Moisture Characteristics of Some Lower Coastal Plain Soils
Cotton in Tanzania
Drying and Cleaning Cotton at the Gin Effect on Fiber Properties and Spinning Performance San Joaquin Valley 1959-60
Fungicidal Treatments and Shipping Practices for Controlling Decay of Sweetpotatoes During Marketing
Determination of Densities of Reservoir Sediments in Situ with a Gamma Probe
Service and Regulatory Announcements Bureau of Animal Industry May 1935
How to Manage Eastern White Pine to Minimize Damage from Blister Rust and White Pine Weevil
Crop-Tree Thinning of Ponderosa Pine in the Pacific Northwest
Silvical Characteristics of Rocky Mountain Juniper
Streamflow After Patch Logging in Small Drainages Within the Bull Run Municipal Watershed Oregon
The Household Market for Chain Products February 1961
Planting Season for Sugar Beets in Central California
Handbuch Der Pflanzenkrankheiten Vol 6 Pflanzenschuts Verhutung Und Bekampfung Der Pflanzenkrankheiten Zweiter Hallband
Numerical List of Current Publications of the United States Department of Agriculture Compiled by Comparison with the Originals
Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 1909 Vol 36
Archiv Fur Soziale Gesetzgebung Und Statistik 1901 Vol 16 Zeitschrift Zur Erforschung Der Gesellschaftlichen Zustande Aller Lander in Verbindung Mit Einer Reihe Namhafter Fachmanner Des in Und Auslandes
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Verzeichni Der Bucher Landkarten U Welche Vom Januar Bis Zum Juni 1862 Neu Erschienen Oder Neu Aufgelegt Worden Sind Mit Ausgabe Der Seitenzahl Der Verleger Der Breife Im 14 Thaler-Fuss Litersrischen Nachweisungen Und Einer Wissenschaftlichen Ue
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Analen Der Physik 1803 Vol 12 Mit Einem Register Zu 1801 Und 1802
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The English Catalogue of Books Titles Classified Under Author and Subject in One Strict Alphabet with Particulars of the Size Price Year of Publication and Name of Publisher of Works Issued in Great Britain Ireland and America Vol 6 January 1898 T
Christen Und Turken Vol 1 Ein Skizzenbuch Von Der Save Bis Zum Eisernen Thor
Deutschlands Apfelsorten Illustrirte Systematische Darstellung Der Im Gebiete Des Deutschen Pomologen-Vereins Gebaueten Apfelsorten
Histoire DAngleterre Depuis Les Temps Les Plus Recules Jusqua Nos Jours Vol 1
Annual of the North Carolina Baptist State Convention Eighty-Eight Session Greensboro January Fourteen Fifteen and Sixteen Nineteen Hundred and Nineteen The Next Annual Session Will Be Held in Asheville Beginning Tuesday November 11
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Commercial Intelligence Journal 1942 Vol 66
Message of the Governor of New Jersey to the Senate and House of Assembly at the Commencement of the Session With Accompanying Documents Read January 14 1852
George Sand Vol 3 Sa Vie Et Ses Oeuvres 1838-1848
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Reports of Cases Determined by the Supreme Court of the State of Missouri Vol 251 Between May 31 and June 28 1913
Revue Internationale Vol 2 Paraissant Le 10 Et Le 25 de Chaque Mois a Florence Premiere Annee 1re Livrasion 25 Mars 1884
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United States Circuit Courts of Appeals Reports with Annotations 1911 Vol 104 With Table of Cases in the United States Circuit Courts of Appeals Which Have Been Passed Upon by the Supreme Court of the United States
Acts of the One Hundred and Thirtieth Legislature of the State of New Jersey and Sixty-Second Under the New Constitution
Theatre Des Auteurs Du Second Ordre Ou Recueil Des Tragedies Et Comedies Restees Au Theatre Francais Vol 7 Pour Faire Suite Aux Editions Stereotypes de Corneille Racine Moliere Regnard Crebillon Et Voltaire Comedies En Prose
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Revue Bleue Vol 71 Revue Politique Et Litteraire Du 1er Janvier Au 31 Decembre 1933
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Homes for Soldiers Hearings Before the Committee on the Public Lands of the House of Representatives Sixty-Sixth Congress First Session
Business Screen Magazine 1956 Vol 17 6th Annual Production Review The Buyers Guide and Index to Qualified Business and Television Film Producers
Official Catalogue of the British Section Vol 1
Analyses of Rocks and Minerals from the Laboratory of the United States Geological Survey 1880 to 1914
Catalogue of Connecticut Volunteer Organizations with Additional Enlistments and Casualties to July 1 1864 Compiled from Records in the Adjutant-Generals Office and Published by Order of the Legislature
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Transactions of the Michigan State Agricultural Society Vol 8 With Reports of County Agricultural Societies for 1856
The Principles of Therapeutics
Calendar of the State Papers Relating to Scotland and Mary Queen of Scots 1547-1603 Vol 3 Preserved in the Public Record Office the British Museum and Elsewhere in England A D 1569-1571
Transactions of the N Y State Agricultural Society 1853 Vol 13 With an Abstract of the Proceeding of the County Agricultural Societies
Park and Cemetery and Landscape Gardening Vol 17 March 1907 to Feby 1908
An Anglo-Saxon Dictionary Based on the Manuscript Collections of the Late Joseph Bosworth Supplement
Canadian Grocer Vol 30 April 7 1916
Report of the Forty-Seventh Meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science Held at Plymouth in August 1877
American and English Genealogies in the Library of Congress Preliminary Catalogue
Revue Politique Et Litteraire Revue Bleue Vol 16 Quatrieme Serie 38e Annee 2e Semestre 1st Juillet Au 31 Decembre 1901
Twentieth Century Impressions of Hong-Kong Shanghai and Other Treaty Ports of China Their History People Commerce Industries and Resources
Transactions of the Society Instituted at London for the Encouragement of Arts Manufactures and Commerce Vol 3 With the Premiums Offered in the Year 1785
Directions for Collecting and Preserving Specimens of Dragonflies for Museum Purposes
The Talking Machine World Vol 14 For the Makers and Sellers of Talking Machines January-June 1918
History of the Church of Ireland from the Revolution to the Union of the Churches of England and Ireland January 1 1801 With a Catalogue of the Archbishops and Bishops Continued to November 1840 And a Notice of the Alterations Made in the Hierarchy
Handbook of Zoology Vol 2 of 2 Vertebrate Animals
An Introduction to Merchandize Vol 1 of 2 Containing a Compleat System of Arithmetic A System of Algebra Book-Keeping in Various Forms An Account of the Trade of Great Britain and the Laws and Practices Which Merchants Are Chiefly Interested in
General Report of the Commissioner of Public Works For the Year Ending 30th June 1867
Foreign Service List 1952
A Contribution to the Study of Syphilis of the Nervous System
Etiology of Deviations Spurs and Ridges of the Nasal Septum
On the Effect of Opium and Its Derivative Alkaloids
Gestational Complications and Dystocia Subsequent to Anterior Fixation of the Uterus
Sarcoma of the Pons and Glio-Sarcoma of the Cerebellum
An Experimental Study of the Toxic Properties of Indol
Need of a State Board of Medical Examiners
Cardiac Asthenia or Heart-Exhaustion
Strangulated Inguinal Hernia of a Cystic Appendix Vermiformis
Therapeutics of the Gouty Diathesis From a Lecture Delivered in the Polyclinic Evening Lecture Course March 12 1889
Benignant Tumors of the Ileum
Report of the Ladies Health Protective Association of the City of New York With Memorial to the Hon Abram S Hewitt Mayor of New York on the Subject of Street-Cleaning
The Use of Oxygen in the Treatment of Leukemia and Grave Anemias
No 3364 in the United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Chanslor-Canfield Midway Oil Company et al Appellants vs United States of America Appellee Oral Argument on Behalf of Appellants
Transactions of the Forty-First Session of the American Institute of Homoeopathy Forty-Fifth Anniversary Held at Niagara Falls N Y June 25 26 27 28 and 29 1888
Revue Scientifique Vol 14 37e Annee 2e Semestre 1er Juillet Au 31 Decembre 1900
The New-Hampshire Annual Register and United States Calendar for the Year 1840 Vol 19
Reports of the Visiting Committees of the Board of Overseers of Harvard College From February 6 1890 to January 8 1902 Inclusive
Commission Hearings Vol 2 Supporting Materials for the Report of the National Commission for the Review of Federal and State Laws Relating to Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance Washington 1976
Debt Suit Virginia V West Virginia Joint Resolution by West Virginia Legislature Creating Commission Opinions of United States Supreme Court Briefs on Final Hearing Masters Report
Proboscidea Vol 1 A Monograph of the Discovery Evolution Migration and Extinction of the Mastodonts and Elephants of the World Moeritherioidea Deinotherioidea Mastodontoidea
The Canadian Nurse Vol 40 January 1944
The Voice of the People or the History of Political Issues in the United States From the Foundation of the Republic to the Present Time Giving Historical Data of Political Parties Bearing Upon Each Presidential Administration with Biographical Sketche
Record of Current Educational Publications Comprising Publications Received by the Bureau of Education to May 15 1922
A System of Practical Surgery Vol 2 Surgery of the Neck Thorax and Spinal Column
Cooking in the Vocational School as Training for Home Making
Winnipeg River Power and Storage Investigations
National Municipal Review Vol 24 January 1935
A Treatise on the Criminal Law of the United States Vol 1 Comprising a General View of the Criminal Jurisprudence of the Common and Civil Law and a Digest of the Penal Statutes of the General Government and of Massachusetts New York Pennsylvania V
University of North Carolina Extension Bulletin Vol 4 Correspondence Instruction Catalogue 1924-1925 Bureau of Correspondence Instruction September 1 1924
The Visitation of Yorkshire in the Years 1563 and 1564 Made by William Flower Esquire Norroy King of Arms
Catalogue of the State University of Iowa Iowa City Iowa 1896-97 and Announcement for 1897-98
Montana Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin Nos 30-55 1901-1904
To Amend the Older Americans Act of 1965 Vol 1 Hearings Before the Select Subcommittee on Education of the Committee on Education and Labor House of Representatives Ninety-Second Congress First Session on H R 12017 and Related Bills to Strengthen
The American Reports Vol 17 Containing All Decisions of General Interest Decided in the Courts of Last Resort of the Several States with Notes and References Containing All Cases of Any General Importance in the Following Reports 48 Alabama 47 Cali
Surgical Treatment Vol 3 of 3 A Practical Treatise on the Therapy of Surgical Diseases for the Use of Practitioners and Students of Surgery
An Address Delivered to the Graduates of Washington Medical College Baltimore at the Annual Commencement on Monday March 17 1834

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